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What it looked like to surf the web in 1994 »

I just posted a video, along with explanation, that I took on May 30, 1994, of my friend Bob Frankston surfing the web using NCSA Mosaic, the popular browser of the time. (Netscape was founded less than two months before.) It is a good example of how far we have come, and what an early technology looks like. […] This, or something like it, is a must for all sorts of classes about computers or technology. So many people laugh at early technology and need to be reminded how early versions of important technology in their lives evolved and continue to evolve.

YouTube Adds Paid Channel Subscriptions



Mark this date. I have a feeling this is going to be a huge disruption in the TV space. It’s limited to select partners for right now, but I’ll bet that anyone with a YouTube channel will get the opportunity eventually. And as Mat Honan sais, this brings us “a small step closer to the dream of a la carte programming.

Just like some popular social networking sites, online video services are moving to become (big) networks on their own. This’s good news. But, this debate will continue, unendingly: Should we all pay for what we watch OR should we all pay for what some of us like to watch??

I can’t digest this youtube and paid channel.


It’s getting harder to make money on YouTube even in this post-dial-up-modem era »

The surge in new content—about 72 hours of which is uploaded each minute today vs. every 48 hours in 2011—makes it harder for any one content channel on the site to get noticed. Even worse for creators: Rates that advertisers pay to be on popular videos have fallen by about one-third since last June, according to research firm TubeMogul, which bases its figures on rates for several video sites, including YouTube.

Advertiser pay for popular videos.

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